Sunday, May 4, 2008


There will be an upcoming I AM HANDMADE at Irwin Street Market on May 17 and 18. If you are interested in becoming a vendor please email to receive an application. Irwin Street Market is located at 660 Irwin Street Atlanta GA 30312.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

What a blast!!!! We're having a repeat during Inman Park Festival

Well we have been having such a great time with the wonderful vendors who participated during our very first I AM HANDMADE craft fair that we are doing it again next weekend. We will have vendors setup April 26th and 27th in front of Irwin Street Market. If you participated in this weekend's event then please contact for special discount info. If you are interested in setting up on April 26th and 27th please email for more info on how you can setup.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Vendor Spotlight: Iram-Inal Designs

Fresh. Funky. Bold. Timeless. iram-inal designs is a handmade, custom jewelry line created by St. Louis natives, and sister-designers, Mari ("iram") and Lani ("inal") Davis. Having made jewelry casually for twelve years, the sisters recently decided to begin selling their wares on a professional basis in boutiques in Atlanta, Georgia, and St. Louis, Missouri. The iram-inal collection brings out pure audaciousness in the individual who chooses to wear the sister's one-of-a-kind designs. Created for the person seeking to make a statement, the designs are always colorful, chunky and dynamic, no matter the time of year - making the wearer an "iconic woman." The sisters' process in creating their pieces is purely organic, deriving from inspiration pulled from the beauty of the semiprecious stones they use in their custom creations. Inspired by cultures around the world, many of the designs are reminiscent of large, ornate cuffs and collars worn by the indigenous people of Africa, Indonesia, and India, with a modern twist and flair. While ever bright and bold, there is a special piece for everyone. Their specialty lies in their beautiful woven designs, using large stones, versus small seed beads, as is customary in woven jewelry. Their necklaces and flexible stone cuffs consist of two, four and six strand woven designs. They also create cluster, drop and hoop earrings made with sterling silver chain and faceted gemstones. In addition to their participation at the I Am Handmade Market, you can find iram-inal's current line at the Beehive Co-op at 1831 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, Georgia, and always at, where you will soon be able to view their spring/summer collection.

Vendor Spotlight: Ethel Ruin Designs

Ethel Ruin? What is that?
Well, it is a little bit country and a little bit rock-n-roll. It is where country couture meets urban chic. It is a line of aprons, hand bags, clutches and other designs to suit your fancy.
Ethel Ruin Designs are the creation of Melissa McLamb, a native of North Carolina and a real, live country girl. Her inspiration for design spun from the up-bringing she had on her family’s farm – simple but classic. When Melissa moved to Atlanta four years ago, her classic country designs became infused with city flare – funky and modern. Ethel Ruin Designs was born out of this meeting of two different worlds, and will satisfy those who sit on both sides of the fence. (Note: A full launch of Ethel Ruin Designs is scheduled for early summer 2008.)
Contact Information:

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Vendor Spotlight: Will "Cognak" Watkins

Will “Cognak” Watkins is an artist on a mission, but his is no solo trip: He wants to take you on the journey, too. His destination is a place where everyone can appreciate, own and even create fine art that honors their rich heritage and hope filled destiny. So far, hundreds of people have willingly followed Watkins to that vista – including writer and singer Jai Black of Metropolis, and celebrity choreographer Tina Arnold. From celebrity homes to small businesses, corporate offices and women’s spas, Watkins’ original and lithograph artwork hangs from coast to coast.

As an upcoming artist in the African-American print market, Watkins is a popular personality at national art shows, conferences of African-American groups and major international events, including the Essence Music Festival. His art has been featured in music videos, jazz clubs and galleries. An artist who has received no formal training Watkins’ success has been in what some may call non-traditional methods of reaching art consumers. He’s taken a ‘pass’ on formal galleries or exhibits – but it’s a path with which he is comfortable.

“I have never been really interested in the wine and cheese scene. I believe that my calling is more personal than major events or business meetings. I strive to capture the essence of Love, Life, and the depths of the soul in my work. If people evolve to love art, and then start to collect art, I want it to be because something pure in my work caught their attention. If that has happened – if they’ve fallen for the pure message in my work – then my mission is accomplished.”

Velvet Influence
Dressed in jeans and a contemporary shirt, and sporting an Atlanta Braves fitted cap tilted to the left, Will Watkins looks every bit the cutting-edge artist and entrepreneur whose busy day include juggling clients, throwing events and fathering his three year old daughter.. So, it’s surprising to hear this 21st century businessman reveal his old-school philosophy that is the inspiration behind his art.

“The velvet paintings that were popular in the late 70s and mid 80’s…,” he whispers, as if he’s carefully revealing a secret. “I can remember my familiy and their basement parties, and the LPs, and the Afrocentric sculptures and all the blackness.” His memories ring true for many, taking us all back to a time when kids peeked in on parents parties or finally got to see the Ohio Players “Sweet Sticky Thing” album cover, unfolded. And to the more recent, you might remember the Outkast album Stankonia and the music of the early to mid 90’s.

“The 70s seemed like a time of such sensuality and independence for black people to me,” he said. “My early art definitely leans toward that sensuality touched with the woman’s anatomy – a sort of ‘soul gothic’ inspired by black power and Michelangelo.” Williams says that the independence of Black people in the 70s to the 90’s that he so admired is right in line with the independence contemporary artists seek. “Today, we have the freedom to create more expressive art that isn’t censored or restricted at all.”

Watkins currently resides in Atlanta.

For information on Will Watkins, call 404-573-1018
or aquariunartistry

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The First I AM HANDMADE is fast approaching

Well we are beyond excited about the list of vendors that are participating in the first I AM HANDMADE. A few are listed below and we have more spotlights to come. For those vendors who are still on the fence we have a few spots still available so send an email if you need additional information. We have a very special event planned the Thursday before I AM HANDMADE that will benefit all participating vendors tremendously. Our contact info is listed to the left underneath the header, but here you go again. You can send an email to

Once again we will be located at the Irwin Street Market located at 660 Irwin Street Atlanta Georgia 30312. Our hours are Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10 am to 6 pm.

Vendor Spotlight: Stacey Page

Stacey Page is a local artist and former student of Atlanta College of Art. Her studies include painting and fibers. She has also studied millinery and felting in Chicago under Jan Wutkowski, Tammy Deck, and Eia Radosavljevic. Today, Stacey is an accomplished milliner and fiber artist experimenting with combinations in wood sculpture and painting. Her artwork focuses the human experience with story telling and repetition. The work is executed in a raw like manner with references to modern life. Her hats are hand sewn using straw or felt and are shaped with her own hat block designs.

To the left are some examples of her fiber art. Her contact information is below:

Contact info is